Lock Haven University's Relay for Life
Lock Haven University holds their Relay for Life each year, and this year their club asked me to design their ever first t-shirt! Given the concept, I created a fun, airy, ocean-inspired logo to give hope for a cure!
Lindor Truffle-Themed Thank You Card
Collaborating with students/alumni from Kutztown University, each person was given a flavor of Lindt Lindor truffles to design a thank you card around. I designed a Lindor Dark Chocolate truffles-themed thank you card which will be sent in a gift box filled with chocolate and candy, along with the additional designers' thank you cards to R/GA, advertising agency, in New York.
Lazarus Branding
Lazarus is a local up-and-coming rock 'n roll band, located in Williamsport, PA, who are just getting their footing with new direction and sound. Be on the lookout for this amazing group in the future! But in the meantime take a look at their new custom logo and branding!
The Roasted Bark Branding
The Roasted Bark is for those on-the-go, busy, fur-loving folks who need to get in that cup o’ joe while still enjoying the company of their furry friend. Take your fluffy companion to this pet-friendly coffee shop with an all-inclusive pet menu, outdoor patio, and complimentary water bowls at every table. The press kit highlights the personality of the coffee shop in a fun and friendly yet professional manner. The branding design of the company includes: two menus, two to-go “doggie bags”, coffee coasters and cup sleeves, a press kit of information regarding the coffee house, a stationery set, and a set of tasty homemade treats for your pup.
Cellar Sweets Wine Infused Chocolate
The concept for this piece was to add an infused twist on chocolate. I chose a wine infused chocolate line, as wine and chocolate are a dynamic pair. The feeling of indulgence along with the smooth richness of the chocolate helped inspire the packaging with color differentiation, duotone imaging, and select packaging choices.
Ocean Themed Car Air Fresheners
Forecasting trends for 2017/2018 call for nautical patterns, colors, and themes. This was the inspiration for the design of these air fresheners. The packaging includes custom cut backer cards and unique creatures, each with individual scents. The illustrated creatures were created with the ocean trend in mind and there are hand-drawn inspirational quotes on the back of the air freshener to give you positive daily pun reminders.
Illustrated Food Map
The idea of illustrating a map in a fun way seemed exciting to me. I’m a lover of all things Italian, so choosing the origins of a select few types of pasta was an ideal topic. The concept for this piece was to create a fun and simple vector graphic-style map to locate the origins of five different types of pastas within Italy. The use of flat graphics allowed me to create a lot of different icons to use within the map to make it fun as well as educational.
Vagari Travel Magazine
Vagari is a fictional travel magazine with this particular issue focusing on South America. The bright, vibrant cover adds an eye-catching feature to this piece to grab your attention and draw you in. The color palette, inspired by South American culture, is bright and fun with shades of red, yellow, blue, and green. The style has a heavy use of photography and patterns, and the type treatment gives you a feel into the culture and views of South America.
Multi-Panel Christmas Mugs
The goal of this design was to create a series of panels to advertise a product. This piece took a more fun and graphic, illustrative spin on an advertising series for holiday Christmas mugs along with a matching set of holiday wrapping papers. Each series is unique, with each panel of the series offering similar styles yet also highlighting the different ways to wish merriness during the holiday season. Each panel uses fun wintery, Christmas colors of light blue, red, and green including with their tints and shades.
Fantastic Voyage
The concept for this piece was to re-invent a scene from the old tale Jack and the Beanstalk, as it was a great childhood tale, while adding a little twist. The colors for this painting are bright and vibrant since the painting technique had to be semi-realistically done. The technique on parts of the painting and the palette used are a small reflection on Vincent Van Gogh’s style of painting with quick brushstrokes and strong colors.
Cuddle & Care Brand Guidelines
Cuddle & Care is your go-to stop for any moment when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Visit the center and check out a furry friend for the day, one you can later adopt if you so choose. The design of the style guide mimics the fun, upbeat tone of the company.
TV Guide Magazine Cover
For this piece I chose a non-contemporary celebrity and created a digital painting on the cover of TV Guide Magazine. The concept behind this design was to create a Brady Bunch reunion for a Mother’s Day Special with Carol Henderson on the cover. The design of the cover features Carol digitally painted in a softly blended, realistic manner. The inspiration of the piece came from 1970’s references with bright, flashy colors as well as fun patterns overlays to give it a funky tone.
Dark Days Distillery Whiskey
If you are feeling down in the dumps, or just had a bad day at work, Dark Days Distillery is there with their home-made whiskey. The design style is all hand-done with simple illustrations that add a slightly cute and funny twist to the gloominess of the subject matter. The tone of this project can be interpreted as drab and sad, yet silly and funny to make it seem less morbid. The color palette of the packaging and bottle design is all done greyscale to add to the bleak feeling of the company.
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